[Advaita-l] Newton's "laws"

Kiran B R kiranbr at rocketmail.com
Tue Sep 7 12:09:55 CDT 2004

> It is proved that Gaudapaada knew a more generic 
> form of Newton's laws at least 8 centuries before 
> Newton.

I didn't examine your proof since the thesis itself is
useless according to me. It subscribes once again to
the stupid Indian habit of satisfying the ego by
chanting "My country WAS good".

Whatever it is, note that no proof is needed for the
fact that it is Newton's laws which give anna to more
people today than Gaudapaada's, even if his findings
anticipated Newton's. Gaudapaada's laws might have
helped many obtain mukti or bhikShA, but not anna.


achchakannaDigara guMpu!

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