[Advaita-l] Newton's "laws"

Ravishankar Venkatraman sunlike at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 8 10:59:06 CDT 2004

> > It is proved that Gaudapaada knew a more generic
> > form of Newton's laws at least 8 centuries before
> > Newton.

I think that we cannot compare both of them for one simple reason: Newton 
was working on theories in the material world without any metaphysical 
connotations whereas our Acharyas delved in the metaphysical world all the 
time. Brahman does not have any qualities - the question of mass and 
momentum do not arise. However any references to the material world by 
Acharyas is to somewhow emphasise karma or to make parallels to the 
metaphysical concepts to give a better understanding.

>I didn't examine your proof since the thesis itself is
>useless according to me. It subscribes once again to
>the stupid Indian habit of satisfying the ego by
>chanting "My country WAS good".

At the same time, even western scientists have found certain theories in the 
puranas very convincing that Indian rishis had advanced knowledge of space 
and the cosmos. Carl Sagan compares the cycles of the universe with Hindu 
calendars, and the German physicist Erwin Scrodinger (famous for wave 
equation) explains "tat tvam asi" in his essays. I tend to think that the 
scientific knowledge needed to pursue the religious and spiritual goals were 
certainly advanced by the Hindus, while they did not care much about other 

This is just my opinion...


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