[Advaita-l] Brahman superimposition on material world

Ranjeet Sankar thefinalsearch at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 12 09:30:50 CDT 2004

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From: "María Dickson" <mad574 at yahoo.com.ar>
> My question is: If Brahman is Atman in human beins, in
> which form Brahman is superimposed on, for example, a
> pot? Is D. Krishna Ayyar talking about a phisical,
> material superimposition? Can we said that Brahman
> "live" in material things?
> Thank you very much for your patience with me...
> With love...
> María
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Brahman is not just the Atman in humans. It is the *only thing* present in
all, homogenous like a lump of salt. It doesn't have any form and it is
neither inside or outside anything. In the case of objects such as pot etc.,
what we perceive is the illusionary name and form (nAma-rUpa) which is mAyA,
born out of ignornace. So the superimposition at the *object level* is that
between Brahman and the nAma-rUpa which is mAyA. There is no physical
material superimposition.

Hari Om

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