[Advaita-l] Brahman superimposition on material world

María Dickson mad574 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed May 12 09:09:43 CDT 2004

Dear Members:

Perhaps my question is too much basic for this forum,
but I am reading a very interesting explanation of
Advaita Vedanta from the Web Site of Katha, written by
D. Krishna Ayyar.
In the Appendix 2, he said that “...there is no world
or mind of the same order of reality as Brahman, the
paramnartika satyam; both the world and the mind are
superimpositions on Brahman and are categorised as
vyavaharika satyam.”
My question is: If Brahman is Atman in human beins, in
which form Brahman is superimposed on, for example, a
pot? Is D. Krishna Ayyar talking about a phisical,
material superimposition? Can we said that Brahman
“live” in material things?

Thank you very much for your patience with me...
With love...


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