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Kiran B R <kiranbr at rocketmail.com> wrote:

> > For a liberated being, the desire to eat juicy
> > jalebis is satisfied as soon as it arises, by mere
> > will, being an AptakAma - one whose desires are all
> > fulfilled. It does not require a return to saMsAra.
>Correct, but the fact that the desire is satisfied
>does not rule out the karma of actual return to
>saMsAra. Such ruling out is only for the "sakta", the
>ajnAni who feels "I do not require to eat jalebis, so
>let me not return to saMsAra!".

Methinks you have it exactly backwards. To begin with, if we are talking 
about a liberated soul who has attained the world of saguNa brahman, by 
definition, such a being is not an ajnAnI any more. It is only one who knows 
saguNa brahman who attains that world. The ajnAnI who has desires, for juicy 
jalebis or anything else, is in some place where he requires effort to 
attain them. The liberated soul who attains all desires effortlessly, 
through mere will, does not have the karma of return to saMsAra - anAvRttiS 

> > On the other hand, if you would want to return to
> > saMsAra just to eat juicy jalebis, then that is
> > a sure sign that you were not out of saMsAra in the
> > first place!
>Sure, I was not out of saMsAra! How can I be out of
>myself? How can I be out of the pUrNa, the Brahman?

But saMsAra is not your true nature. If you were never out of saMsAra, that 
means you have not realized your true nature, and are therefore ignorant of 
Brahman. If you have realized yourself, then there is no more saMsAra. 
Nowhere in advaita vedAnta is saMsAra said to be the nature of Brahman.


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