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Kiran B R kiranbr at rocketmail.com
Mon Mar 29 00:24:21 CST 2004

1. What I undestand from responses to my query is that
some people here believe that there is a saMsAra
different from the Brahman. This is wrong, for it goes
against  the "anaMtatva" of the Brahman. The
postulation of any sort of duality is "apriya" to true

2. Some said that there is no "I" which has to return
to saMsAra after realization. True. What is also true
is that nobody leaves the saMsAra, which is
non-differentiable from the Brahman who is
non-differentiable from "I" whom am "anaMta".

3. The Brahman can desire to create jalebis, create 
jalebis and eat them by either choosing to become an
ajnAni or a jnAni. In fact, whether a jnAni eats
jalebis or an ajnAni does, it is none but the Brahman
who does.

I don't have any more time to argue on this. Go ahead
and label me as an ajnAni if you wish. I don't even
care if I truly am, because if I am, I became so
voluntarily. There are other things I want to do
voluntarily now, which are of higher priority. Please
excuse me.

Thanks and cheers

achchakannaDigara guMpu!

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