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Thu Mar 25 23:56:24 CST 2004


> For a liberated being, the desire to eat juicy 
> jalebis is satisfied as soon as it arises, by mere 
> will, being an AptakAma - one whose desires are all 
> fulfilled. It does not require a return to saMsAra. 

Correct, but the fact that the desire is satisfied
does not rule out the karma of actual return to
saMsAra. Such ruling out is only for the "sakta", the
ajnAni who feels "I do not require to eat jalebis, so
let me not return to saMsAra!". The shrEShTha said:

na mE pArthAsti kartavyaM triShu lOkEShu kiMchana |
nAnavAptamavAptavyaM varta Eva cha karmaNi ||

> On the other hand, if you would want to return to 
> saMsAra just to eat juicy jalebis, then that is 
> a sure sign that you were not out of saMsAra in the 
> first place!

Sure, I was not out of saMsAra! How can I be out of
myself? How can I be out of the pUrNa, the Brahman?


> No just because all that is not Brahman is maya 
> doesn't mean all those mayavi things are equal.

There is nothing that is not Brahman. "sarvaM
khalvidaM brahma"

> So why are we focusing on this one jalebi issue?

Because, you see, we're having fun with jalebis:-))


achchakannaDigara guMpu!

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