[Advaita-l] BSB - Tamil Translation

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Wed Feb 18 09:56:23 CST 2004

Thanks for the info. Can you give little more details (publisher etc.).

Not having original text in Sanskrit is not an issue, as the whole thing is
available online in IIT Kanpur website (which you can get in the  script of
your choice) -- http://www.brahmasutra.iitk.ac.in/.

One can get both Ramanuja's and Sankara's bhaashya in English (Thibaut) at

But if one knows tamil, the book shrii-bhaashhyaaartha-deepika on the
Million Books archive is a better choice for Ramanuja's bhaashhhya.


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> The Kadalangudi translation is very scholarly no doubt.
> there is also a one by sri Jnananandendra Bharthy Swamigal
> (Krishnaswami iyer) published in tamil without the bhashya text
> in Sanskrit.
> this work is a little easily readable.

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