[Advaita-l] Panchanga Computed for Various Cities

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Tue Feb 3 15:37:26 CST 2004


Please see the above link. Please be sure to read the FAQ and "how to read
the panchanga" sections.

Thanks to Sri Ajit Krishnan for providing this excellent service.

Other Resources

a) New York Ganesha temple prints a panchangam computed for New York and
with corrections for other cities. They also print a *very beautiful*
monthly calendar with some of the above data included. The panchanga also
explains how it is computed and inlcudes the rules for determining the
important festivals.

b) www.svbf.org also prints a monthly calendar with tithi and naxatra
computed for New Jersey.

c) Houston Meenakshi temple also has a monthly calendar (but the
computations are *wrong*, they seem to have missed the very basic point).

[a,b,c] run from Jan-Dec, that is if you contact now, you can get the
calendar for whole of 2004.

d) If you are into computation, there are many tools which give ephemeris
data (sidereal with lahari ayanamsha etc.) which you can use. The best and
easy one is the Swiss Ephemeris Library. Even there basic test code can be
used generate data, to compute vaara, tithi, naxatra, yoga, and karaNa.

You can also use tools like Jagganath Hora lite (which is intended for
computing jaataka) to get the panchanga.

Thanks. Just FYI.


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