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The Kadalangudi translation is very scholarly no doubt.
there is also a one by sri Jnananandendra Bharthy Swamigal (Krishnaswami iyer) published in tamil without the bhashya text in Sanskrit.
this work is a little easily readable.

"M. S. Ravisankar" <ravi at ambaa.org> wrote:
If you are interested in a Tamil Translation of BSB -- a very good one is
available from
Kadalangudi Publications.

Kadalangudi Publications
38 Natesa Iyer Street,
T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017
Tel: 011-91-44-24343406
Web: kadalangudi.com (did not work for me)
E-mail: sara at giasmd01.vsnl.net.in (I never tried this, must be the address
of well known astrolger shriimati K. N. Saraswathy, daughter of shrii
Kadalangudi Natesa Shastrigal)

- It comes in 3 book-set containing 4 volumes. The third book in the set
contains both volumes 3 & 4.

- Book included original in Sanskrit

- It also include vaiyasika mala and its translations

- Author of this translation is Kadalangudi Natesa ShastrigaL

- Author also includes additional notes based on bhaamati, kalpataru,
parimaLa etc. And also explains things in reasonable good detail.

- It is uses reasonably tough Tamil style* ( partly due to sanskritization
of Tamil and sentence construction). But definitely readable. But be aware
of it, you cannot read it as fast as you would read books such as "ponniyin
selvan" (A famous Five volume Tamil Novel)

- The set costs INR 1000/-

- It has 1500 pages in total.

- The author, is GREAT scholar and written a lot of other books (especially
in Astrology). He has also written translation of some of upanishad
bhaashhya-s of shankara, Naarayaneeyam (5-volume set), Sankhya, etc.

- IM0, If you know Tamil and familiar with Sanskrit, it is a must have. I
really like the fact that they have taken the pains to include the original
text in Sanskrit.

Just for your info.

shriimatre namaH


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