[Advaita-l] Sanjeevini Krithya

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Tue Oct 14 16:17:47 CDT 2003

> namasthe,
>  I heard that sanjeevini Krithya is a tantric way to make a dead person
> come into being again. I heard that Rama asked IndrA to use this krithya
> to make all the monkeys that have died to come back into being.

No I believe according to Ramayana, Sanjivani was a herb that grew on a
mountain which is now called Ramagiri.  (I think it is in Bihar.)  It was
night and He couldn't recognize the right herb so He uprooted the whole
mountain and brought it back.

>   I've a question - When can one use this krithya ? Wont it be against
> nature to use this krithya as death to any being at any point of time is
> normal and is already fixed by the almighty. As well, death is after-all
> shedding one's body to either get Moksha or to get to the next birth. If
> this is the case, why sanjeevini krithya should be used at any point of
> time on any dead-being ?

There are Christian sects that believe the same thing and refuse medical
treatment because if you get sick it must be the Lords wish.  But that
same Lord gave you a brain didn't He?  And isn't it perfectly natural to
use that brain to fight your afflictions?  Today we have modern sanjivanis
like aspirin and pencillin which have doubled our life span compared to
our ancestors of even just 100 years ago.  That too is Gods will.  Death
may be normal and may come to all living things (even the Devas are
reabsorbed into Brahman at the pralaya) but ask yourself:  why is there
any living thing at all?

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