[Advaita-l] Sanjeevini Krithya

Prasad Balasubramanian besprasad at lycos.com
Tue Oct 14 02:34:52 CDT 2003


  I heard that sanjeevini Krithya is
a tantric way to make a dead person
come into being again. I heard that Rama 
asked IndrA to use this krithya to 
make all the monkeys that have died 
to come back into being. 

  I've a question - When can one use this
krithya ? Wont it be against nature to
use this krithya as death to any being
at any point of time is normal and is 
already fixed by the almighty. As well, 
death is after-all shedding one's body 
to either get Moksha or to get to the 
next birth. If this is the case, why
sanjeevini krithya should be used at
any point of time on any dead-being ?


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