[Advaita-l] RE:Sanjeevini Krithya

Prasad Balasubramanian besprasad at lycos.com
Wed Oct 15 07:13:49 CDT 2003

For achieving the ultimate, which is very much 
possible only if one has this body, one should take 
care of the body so that one uses the time efficiently 
(to attain the ultimate). For which,  the sanjeevinis 
of today like aspirin and others could be considered 
very much necessary. But, when it  comes to Sanjeevini 
krithya, the question comes up probably  because we've 
not  heard about people coming back alive after death. 
It just sounds unusual! 

If we can consider normal death as one's fate and suicide as  one's freewill, both cases have their  own ways of carrying forward whatever has to happen. When 
this is the case, how can one's using this krithya  at 
any one be justified ?  

Jaldhar Vyas Wrote:
>There are Christian sects that believe the same thing and refuse medical
>treatment because if you get sick it must be the Lords wish.  But that
>same Lord gave you a brain didn't He?  And isn't it perfectly natural to
>use that brain to fight your afflictions?  Today we have modern sanjivanis
>like aspirin and pencillin which have doubled our life span compared to
>our ancestors of even just 100 years ago.  That too is Gods will.  Death
>may be normal and may come to all living things (even the Devas are
>reabsorbed into Brahman at the pralaya) but ask yourself:  why is there
>any living thing at all?

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