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Hi Tahir,

Sri Ramkarishna was very clear that anyone who is a jivanmukta and still 
existing in the bodily form did have a desire. So they will ensure that they 
do the activities essential for them to fulfill the desire. He used to say 
that he had the desire to enjoy the Mother's Maya and hence he had to pay 
some amount of attention to his body. He also said the Shankara kept the 
desire of teaching humanity in order to be able to write such volumes on 

Vedanta has laid down gradations even among Jivanmuktas like Brahmavid etc. 
in order to explain this.


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> > Well the single distinguishing characteristic of a jivanamukta is they
> > free.  So if they seem to be expressing non-free behaviour (like
> > in your example) then they are probably not jivanamuktas.
>Freedom is a key to being a jivanmukti. One could then say that person
>must be free from desire, from hunger, etc. But these realised beings do
>eat food, why do they consume food if there is no desire? If one can eat
>food then surely one can smoke 20 cigarettes a day and still be free.
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