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Namaste Tahirji,

The difference is that YOU see the action of eating but from the standpoint
of the Jnani the eating is not a karma to fulfil anything. Seeing the action
of jnanis is the from the standpoint of the ajnani alone. From the
standpoint of the Jnani, there is neither actor nor action. The only way to
prove this is to become a jnani. 

A few verses from Panchadashi by Vidyaranya muni:

267. From the point of view of the body, senses, mind and intellect, there
is no difference between the ignorant and the illumined when they engage
themselves in action or abstain from them. 

268. The difference between one who has been initiated into the life of
Brahmacharya and one who has not is that the former studies the Veda,
whereas the latter does not. But as regards food etc., there is no
difference. The same applies to the wise and the ignorant. 

and also take note of these points?:

287. Enlightened men may differ in their behaviour because of the nature of
their fructifying Karma. This should not make the learned think otherwise
about the truth of knowledge resulting in liberation.

288. Let the enlightened people behave in any way according to their
fructifying Karma, but their knowledge is the same and their liberation is
the same.

best regards,
K Kathirasan

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> > Well the single distinguishing characteristic of a jivanamukta is they 
> are
> > free.  So if they seem to be expressing non-free behaviour (like 
> addiction
> > in your example) then they are probably not jivanamuktas.
> Freedom is a key to being a jivanmukti. One could then say that person 
> must be free from desire, from hunger, etc. But these realised beings do 
> eat food, why do they consume food if there is no desire? If one can eat 
> food then surely one can smoke 20 cigarettes a day and still be free.
> Regards,
> Tahir
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