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hariH Om !!

There are two threads going on: one of Evil and the
other on jIvanmukti.

Given below an excerpt from Sivananda-Day-to-Day,
which addresses these two points. 

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


NIRVIKALPA SAMADHI: A learned visitor had Darshan of
the Master in the
office. He expressed certain doubts which the Master
readily cleared.

He first said, "Swamiji, I want to know something
about Nirvikalpa
Samadhi. The scriptures say that a person who has
attained this state
would not publicly say that he has attained it. Then
how are we to know
that such and such a man has attained the highest
wisdom or not?"

The Master replied, "We can know it by observing his
behaviour, talk, equal vision, peace, bliss, perfect
serenity, balanced
mind under all conditions, cosmic love and steady

"How can he himself know that he has attained the
state of Nirvikalpa
Samadhi?" was the next question. "If his experience
tallies with the
experiences of the seers of the Upanishads, if he
enjoys absolute bliss
and peace, if he maintains unperturbed serenity of
mind under the worst
situations, if his doubts have been rent asunder, if
he beholds unity
in diversity, if he feels that he is the Self in all
beings and that
the whole world is his body, if he is perfectly free
from desire for
sensual objects, if he is not swayed by attraction and
repulsion and is
free from lust, anger, egoism, pride and attachment,
he can be sure
that he has attained Self-realisation."

Another devotee asked, "Swamiji, God is all-merciful.
Why should He
not, out of His infinite mercy, save people from
misery? Why should
people suffer at all?"

The Master replied, "God has given man free will to
act as he likes.
Man enjoys or suffers according to the nature of the
actions that he
does, whether they are good or vicious. God does not
force His Will
upon man. It is up to man to embrace His Will. Only
when man surrenders
his will to the Divine Will, will the latter operate
in him. There is
no coercion on the part of God. He simply waits till
man of his own
accord prefers Divine Will to his individual will."

Swami Venkatesanandaji then said, "Swamiji, God being
omnipotent, He
can so will that man may will in conformity with the
Divine Will and
thus avoid sins and sufferings springing therefrom."

In reply, the Master narrated the following incident.
He said, "When
the Kurukshetra war had terminated and the Kauravas
were killed, Udanka
approached Lord Krishna and enquired of Him why He
sided with the
Pandavas and brought about the destruction of the
Kauravas, whereas
both of them were His own creation. The Lord explained
how He had tried
His best to avert war and establish peace between the
cousins, and how,
only after He found that the Kauravas were bent on
fighting He allowed
the war.

"When Udanka further asked why the Lord did not change
the mind of the
Kauravas and make them love the Pandavas so that the
war could have
been avoided, the Lord replied that people had free
will and He would
not coerce it but would wait till they of their own
free choice
developed love for Him and His Will."
--- María Dickson <mad574 at yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
> I think that eating is necessary to keep alive. So,
> a
> jivamukti, still alive, HAS to eat. But smoke is not
> necessary to mantain the life, so I don‘t think that
> they are equal.
> Hari Om Tat Sat
> Maria 
> --- Tahir Nazir <tnazir at energy.com.au> wrote: 
> > Freedom is a key to being a jivanmukti. One could
> > then say that person 
> > must be free from desire, from hunger, etc. But
> > these realised beings do 
> > eat food, why do they consume food if there is no
> > desire? If one can eat 
> > food then surely one can smoke 20 cigarettes a day
> > and still be free.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Tahir
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