[Advaita-l] An adhyAsa challenge

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Fri Jun 13 07:36:28 CDT 2003

Bhaskar prabhujI,

>  Then why krishna says in gIta ahamAtma gudAkEsha prabhuji, who is

Like the sanskrit word 'Brahman' which means several things, the word
'Atman' has several meanings too,  this is explicit in the Geetha itself.

Atman means  mind, jivAtman, parmAtman etc.   Just to make our lifes
more interesting,  Sri Krishna has used the word "Atma" a dozen times
in 6.5 and 6.6, Study them you will know how all the above three
meanings have been used in these two shlOkas itself !!

uddhared AtmanA (1)  AtmAnam(2)
na AtmAnam(3) avasAdayet ||
Atmai(4) va hy Atmano(5) bandhur
Atmai(6) va ripur Atmanah(7) || 6.5 ||

bandur AtmA(8) manas tasya yEna Atmaiva(9)  AtmanA(10) jitaH: |
anAtmanastu(11) shatrutvE vatEta  Atmaiva(12) shatruvat ||6||

I have numbered the word "Atmaa"  for you to keep track of the
different meanings.

> >  Here prabhuji, by saying svarUpa sharIra will be there forever, you are
> under the impression that *sharIra* is permanent.  But advaita says, so

Did you also read that svarUpa-body  is made out of  jnAna & Ananda?

> >  Then why krishna says in gIta ahamAtma gudAkEsha prabhuji,
>kShEtragna in kShEtras prabhuji is it paramAtma or jIvAtma?? Individual
>soul/jivAtma/knower is a *knower* only till the intution dawns on the Atman

'ahamAtmA gudAkesha sarva bhootAshaya sthitaha
ahamAdischa madhyam cha bhootAnAm antamEva cha"  10.10

SriKrishna says here,  I am sarva-bhoota-hridayastha,  and I am the
Creator, Destructor, Maintainer of all beings.

What is bhootAnAm anta?  it is 'end' or Laya is'nt it.

In prasthAna-traya, no where it says the 'end' or Laya of  a
jeeva is in jeeva itself.  The 'end' or Laya  of body is in prakrti.
The 'end' or 'Laya' of jIvAtman is in paramAtman.

Difference in interpretation comes because, after this 'end' has
been reached,   advaita says,  jIva and Parabrahman become
one and the same,  for they were never seperate to beginwith,
and other vEdAntins disagree with that based on Shruti such as
"jakshan kreedan ramamANaha"  etc

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