[Advaita-l] An adhyAsa challenge

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Mon Jun 16 09:50:39 CDT 2003

> >  Then why krishna says in gIta ahamAtma gudAkEsha prabhuji, who is
> kShEtragna in kShEtras prabhuji is it paramAtma or jIvAtma?? Individual

"idam shareeram kountEya kshEtramityabhideeyate"
"kshEtrajnyam chApi mAm viddhi sarva kshEtrEshu bhArata"

"KshEtrajnya"  is one who knows all bodies (sarva kshEtrEshu),
and for this reason it can not be jeevAtma.    Scientists estimate that
so far only 20% of  all land-roving animals have been identified,  and they
estimate 1.3 trillion species to exist in the ocean.

Whoever thinks that Geetha is teaching that this jeevAtman himself  is
"KshEtrajnya" in "sarva kshEtrEshu" should come forward to help our
scientists with the the remaining 80% or accept the fact that it is only
correct to
say that only the  Creator can be the Kshetrajnya in "sarva kshEtrEshu"

This body is called kshEtra because it is  bhagavad-AvAsa-sthAna.
jIva is only dEha-abhimAnI.  Bhagavan is antaryAmI.
This  is made clear at several places in the geetha,

"sa yaschAyam purushE"  - taittareeya
"aham vaishwAnarO bhootvA praNinAM dEhamAshritaha"
"sarvasya chAham hridi sannivishTaha"    -   15th chapter
"sarvabhootAntarAtmA sarvabhootAdhivAsaha"  - Sh. Up.

This kshEtra which is "idam shareeram" is made out of prakrti,
this body has a beginning because of that reason.
Sri Krishna says  Parabrahman  is "anaadimat param brahma"

"anaadimat" is distinct and different from that which has a beginning.
The body(deha) and 11 indriyas etc  that were described in 13.6 -13.7
all are made out of nature or prakrti, hence called prAkrta-dEha.  This
kind of body or kshEtra has a beginning.

> mahAnArAyaNOpanishad says that: "aNOraNeeyAn, mahatO mahIyan, Atma guhayam
> nihitOsya jantoh" who is this Atma prabhuji??  and in

Answer to your question is right there,  "asya jantOho guhAyAm AtmA
which is same as "hriddhEshE arjuna tishTati" etc.   "asya jantOho" is
and "AtmA nihitaha"  is paramAtman.

> bruhadAraNyakOpanishad Sage Yagnavalkya clearly declares that : He that
> serves a separate deity - thinking "HE IS ONE & I AM ANOTHER - is
> he is like a quadruped for the gods in heaven: Pls. note prabhuji here
> yAgnAvalkya not talking about outside entity apart from residing self
> prabhuji.
I would appreciate if you could give me ref   for this one in Br. up.

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