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praNAm kathirasan prabhuji
Hare Krishna

In reply to Sri Jay prabhuji mail you wrote :
Namaste Jayji,

What I am saying is this. What you see as consistency or samanvaya in the
Shruti is based on your aptitude. What I see is based on my aptitude. So I
may be able to see what you are seeing and perhaps even beyond. The same
applies to you.  You see duality expounded in the shruti. What I see is
non-duality IN SPITE of duality expounded in the Shruti. You can't change
that because that's exactly what my buddhi says is right.//

>  But what Sri Jay prabhuji says is *samanvaya* has to be done as
instructed by bAdarAyaNa himself in vyOma saMhita.  & samanyava should not
be done on any achArya's individual opinion. Further, Sri Jay claims that
he is doing samanyava in prasthana traya strictly as per stipulated
parameters of this saMhita. Anything goes against this is not samanvaya at
all.  But I am afraid, we have difference of opinion in VPS, Sri bhAshya &
nyaya sudha about samanvaya.  Could anybody throw more light on this
concept *samanvaya* according to various schools of thought.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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