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>  The
> > difficulty is it does not explain 'Unhappiness'. One
> > possibility is that 'Unhappiness' is not a mental
> > Vritti at all !!! ??? 
> Yes you hit on the nail.  Unhappiness is the absence of vRitti -
> absence
> of duality.

Here is the case where typing mind has their own mind! - may be a new
class of adhyaasa that jay should consider!

What I wanted to write was unhappiness aries with VRitti and taking the
vRitti as real. Absence of unhappiness is just the absence of thoughts
as in deep sleep. I am happy  (not that I have happiness)is the
knowledge arises when notional 'i' drops with clear understanding of
true 'I' 

Hope it is clear now.

 >This Happiness that I am is inspite of presence or absence of
> vRitti; and that is the knowledge too since sat is chit and chit is
> ananda. There is indentity and these not are attibutes of I.  
> Thanks - I am learning too.
> Hari OM!
> Sadananda

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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