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> Hari Om !!
> First of all I am sorry if I hurt you in my words. It
> was not the intention.

Srikrishna  - there is no need to be sorry - We are all learning
together and that is the purpose of these list serves. 

> Swami D was mentioning in the context of Karana
> Sareera.

Yes. The vaasana-s constitue the kaarana shariira - causal body- cause
for suukshma and sthuula shariira-s.  

> I was commenting in the context of your original reply
> when the idea occurred to me that mind has not
> disappeared, becaise Priya, Moda, Pramoda vrittis are
> there. But, we do not see kartritva bhaava in sleep
> and we recognise the Happy states on waking up. 

There lies the difference - In deep sleep - there is no recognition of
the experience either.  One can have different theories about from a
waker's point -but those are the theories- The fact of the matter is the
waking mind is making presumptions and conclusions about the state where
it was not there.  'That there is a very subtle mind to experience that
state' is also one theory.  Everybody's "experience" is there is not
even the apparent duality where seer-seen or experiencer-experienced
distinctions are there.  From mind's point, it is only an inferential
conclusion that it slept well - based on the knowledge of its absence
during those moments of the deep sleep. It is like missing 18 minutes of
Nixon's tape. Any speck of duality will cause a problem - however much
Jay may be arguing about the greatness of dwaita over advaita.
udaramanataram kurute athatasya bhayam bhavati -says scriptures. The
hapiness is the absence of duality. A waking mind recognizes that its
absence and therefore absence of unhappiness. That is the sleep
experience.  'Who slept well' is a very interesting question. I had an
article on it after listening to Swami Chinmayanadaji discourses on
Mandukya Upanishad, many years ago- If I can find it, I will send it to
you. If the mind is not there - there is no ego either, since that is
part of the suukshma shariira.  There is no question of the
consciousness sleeping in deep sleep.  'Who slept well' is actually an
indeterminate problme - But if it comes to that even the 'existence of
the world' is also an indeterminate problem. Hence I put it as part of

> Happiness is not described in the 'samsayatmika or
> nischayatmika' list of Vrittis. So, I thought there
> must be some thing related to Karana Sareera.

 In the pure kaarana shariira happiness is only the absence of all
duality - and the duality arises with vRittii-s. Even in jnaani's mind
there is duality - but there is no misunderstanding that the duality is
reality.  His identification has shifted from the name and form of
vRitti to substantive - consciousness that I am. 

It also
> gives me an idea that though Aham Vritti is the first
> vritti arising before idam vrittis, bhoktritva vritti
> may exist without Aham vritti or even in deep sleep
> aham vritti is not gone (all confusing).

VRitti is nothiing but a thought and thoughts constitute the mind.  As
along as I am thinking, I have not slept.  Hence there is no VRitti that
we know of in deep sleep state. 'aham vRitti' - aham vRitti is nothiing
but locus of the idam vRitti - both constitute the mind that split into
seer and seen duality.  There is no seer when there is no seen.  I donot
take the role of seer any more - I am - I am - it is not a thought but
it is inspite of presence or absence of a thought. It is non-duality in
spite of duality. Hence presence or absence of duality is not opposite
to non-duality. One should be clear about this.  

> difficulty is it does not explain 'Unhappiness'. One
> possibility is that 'Unhappiness' is not a mental
> Vritti at all !!! ??? 

Yes you hit on the nail.  Unhappiness is the absence of vRitti - absence
of duality. Happiness that I am is inspite of presence or absence of
vRitti; and that is the knowledge too since sat is chit and chit is
ananda. There is indentity and these not are attibutes of I.  

Thanks - I am learning too.

Hari OM!

> I welcome your comments. It is all learning to me.
> Om Namo Narayanaya !!
> Srikrishna

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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