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Hari Om !!

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> --- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram
> <srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Probably, your observation is not correct. 
> Yes that probability is always there.

First of all I am sorry if I hurt you in my words. It
was not the intention.

> >If mind was
> > the seat of kartrutva and bhoktrutva, there should
> be
> > none to claim the deep sleep experience.
> All the notions are in the mind and if there is no
> mind manifested in
> the deep sleep - all baava-s too disappear. But that
> does not mean there
> is knowledge. A restless ignorant mind has become
> restful ignorant -
> that is all. 
> > But, on
> > waking up, we say "I was Happy. I had a sound
> sleep".
> > Unless Bhoktrutva is there, there would not have
> been
> > a claimant on waking up. 
> There was an extensive discussion on the
> sleep-experience in advaitin
> list two years ago. If I remember even in this list
> also.  I urge you to
> look at them -Shree Ravi may be able to give refs.
> to them - discussions
> by Ananda Hudli, Vidya and others. 
> >We know that 'Karana
> > Sareera', whatever it be exists in all the three
> > states.  Probably that is the reason Swami
> Dayananda
> > explained that the Bhoktrutva is part of Karana
> > Sareera. 
> Karana Shariira is also defined as the anandamaya
> kosha - since there is
> ananda in the deep sleep state - that is why it is
> identified as such. 
> In that sense it is true - in that state the absence
> of duality is
> happiness.  that is advaitic experience all right -
> but still there is
> no apprehension of the reality in that advaitic
> experience. But
> 'bhoktRitva bhaava' involves deeper analysis. Since
> the duality of
> experiencer-experienced and experiencing are not
> there - the question of
> the dualistic nature of the experience requires a
> deeper examination. 
> Hence there is a probability that I may be right
> too!

Now, I see some probability that you may be right
considering experiencer-experienced and experiencing
aspects. But, I do not have any deductions.

> >Unfortunately, he did not elaborate. Also, we
> > can not say that during deep sleep there is no
> mind,
> > because Priya, Moda, Pramoda are Vrittis of mind
> only.
> Yes - I was student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati
> too, and so is swami
> Tejomayananda. Swamiji's reference is mostly from
> the reference of
> anandamaya kosha, if I recall. 

Swami D was mentioning in the context of Karana

I was commenting in the context of your original reply
when the idea occurred to me that mind has not
disappeared, becaise Priya, Moda, Pramoda vrittis are
there. But, we do not see kartritva bhaava in sleep
and we recognise the Happy states on waking up. Also,
Happiness is not described in the 'samsayatmika or
nischayatmika' list of Vrittis. So, I thought there
must be some thing related to Karana Sareera. It also
gives me an idea that though Aham Vritti is the first
vritti arising before idam vrittis, bhoktritva vritti
may exist without Aham vritti or even in deep sleep
aham vritti is not gone (all confusing). The
difficulty is it does not explain 'Unhappiness'. One
possibility is that 'Unhappiness' is not a mental
Vritti at all !!! ??? 

I welcome your comments. It is all learning to me.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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