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> Probably, your observation is not correct. 

Yes that probability is always there.

>If mind was
> the seat of kartrutva and bhoktrutva, there should be
> none to claim the deep sleep experience.

All the notions are in the mind and if there is no mind manifested in
the deep sleep - all baava-s too disappear. But that does not mean there
is knowledge. A restless ignorant mind has become restful ignorant -
that is all. 

> But, on
> waking up, we say "I was Happy. I had a sound sleep".
> Unless Bhoktrutva is there, there would not have been
> a claimant on waking up. 

There was an extensive discussion on the sleep-experience in advaitin
list two years ago. If I remember even in this list also.  I urge you to
look at them -Shree Ravi may be able to give refs. to them - discussions
by Ananda Hudli, Vidya and others. 

>We know that 'Karana
> Sareera', whatever it be exists in all the three
> states.  Probably that is the reason Swami Dayananda
> explained that the Bhoktrutva is part of Karana
> Sareera. 

Karana Shariira is also defined as the anandamaya kosha - since there is
ananda in the deep sleep state - that is why it is identified as such. 
In that sense it is true - in that state the absence of duality is
happiness.  that is advaitic experience all right - but still there is
no apprehension of the reality in that advaitic experience. But
'bhoktRitva bhaava' involves deeper analysis. Since the duality of
experiencer-experienced and experiencing are not there - the question of
the dualistic nature of the experience requires a deeper examination. 
Hence there is a probability that I may be right too!

>Unfortunately, he did not elaborate. Also, we
> can not say that during deep sleep there is no mind,
> because Priya, Moda, Pramoda are Vrittis of mind only.

Yes - I was student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati too, and so is swami
Tejomayananda. Swamiji's reference is mostly from the reference of
anandamaya kosha, if I recall. 
Hari OM!
> Om Namo Narayanaya !!
> Srikrishna
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