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Hari Om !!

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> --- kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > 
> >  The
> > > difficulty is it does not explain 'Unhappiness'.
> One
> > > possibility is that 'Unhappiness' is not a
> mental
> > > Vritti at all !!! ??? 
> > 
> > Yes you hit on the nail.  Unhappiness is the
> absence of vRitti -
> > absence
> > of duality.
> Here is the case where typing mind has their own
> mind! - may be a new
> class of adhyaasa that jay should consider!
> What I wanted to write was unhappiness aries with
> VRitti and taking the
> vRitti as real. 

What does the word 'arises' mean in the above sentence
? Does it arise as a vritti ? In such case it is
another vritti different from the multiple-duality
vrittis.  EGO should identify with duality. Then,
duality vrittis should trigger another 'unhappyness'
vritti (which should get illumined by Self) and then
the EGO identifies with it and says "I am unhappy". It
means "unhappiness" is not duality but, non-acceptance
of duality and its triggering another vritti. Is this
based on punya phala ??!!

>Absence of unhappiness is just the
> absence of thoughts
> as in deep sleep. I am happy  (not that I have
> happiness)is the
> knowledge arises when notional 'i' drops with clear
> understanding of
> true 'I' 
> Hope it is clear now.

It is not !!  If there were clear understanding of
true 'I' how can it be lost on waking up ?

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