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I don't know.  While I agree that we do need more study of texts (I am
guilty of this too.  I have the notes of the Mahabharata translation I
started in front of me as I write this.) doing translations is hard to do
properly.  And God knows there are enough rotten translations out there
that we shouldn't add to the number.

The reason people keep mentioning the modern Gurus is more often than not
they simply don't know any better.  Rather than sending them packing, it
would be better to educate them on who are the authentic interpreters of
Advaita Vedanta.

And while Kirans question was a little provocatively put, I feel it has
some important implications.  Yes it is going around in circles a bit but
that means more precision is needed not that the thread should be stopped.

All IMHO of course.  If any list members have some feelings on this they
should write to us at listmaster at

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