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ken knight hilken_98 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Sep 10 09:35:07 CDT 2002

Namaste Ravi,

Would some questions arising from Upadesha Sahasri
been appropriate?
I have only ever read this text on my own and I prefer
it to some of the bhAshyam for it gives Shankara's
teaching quite directly as opposed to  counter
arguments to some other darShana.  However it does not
seem to be so popular with others and there is
probably a reason for this that I have not understood.

I have two translations: that of Swami Jagadananda
printed in 1973 as a fifth edition and a more recent
one by Dr Alston who researched his PhD at BHU.

I will put some work into this if you like.

I appreciate your comments on the diversification of
themes in a discussion. I have never got the hang of
group the time I have considered a
first point everyone has disappeared down a dozen
different side-roads and I am left behind.

let me know if you would like some of the text posted
to see if it sparks some controlled discussion.

Ken Knight

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