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MSR miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Mon Sep 9 17:07:13 CDT 2002

Om mahAgaNapataye namaH

I am writing the following based on some of the recent threads. For
advaita-L to be fruitful and productive as list:

a) We should make our forum more a text-oriented discussion list.

b) We should  first focus on the bhaashhyams of shrii shankara. This is
quite important. In the last 5+ years, we have not discussed any
important bhaashya of shankara in full.

c) Avoid threads, which does not directly serve this purpose and side
track us  from the goals of the list. Even in a thread started with a
good intention, learn when to stop. Typically, you should stop
especially 1)when the same people start repeating what they have
already said before  and 2)when the thread side tracks to some issues
which does not fall in line with the list goals.

d) Please avoid taking detour to modern day saints such as,
Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, etc. This we have done few times in the past.
Members should note that there are DEDICATED lists for many of the
modern day teachers.  And ADVAITA-L IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

e) Sometimes, we go a side track in the name of talking about smArta
dharma*. Even this you should avoid if you are just going to do hand
waving instead of quoting relevant smrtis and/or other respected works
such as vaidyanAtha diixitiyam (which quotes from various dharma

f) If you have any ulterior motive other than learning  and discussing
*advaita-vedAnta*, best thing you can do to this list is "unsubscribe".

g) If you already do not accept advaita-vedAnta this not a place for
you (unless you choose to be a spectator). This list was not started to
convince or convert non-believers to this faith. This is the case even
if you are smArta by birth.

h) Even though discussing other issues related to smArta sampradaya, on
topics such as sandhyavandanam, brahma yajnam, puuja, samskaara-s such
as upanayanam, etc. are OK. The chances of we getting side tracked is
high.  Please be aware of that.

i) If threads such as "brahma-vidya=krishna" keep recurring, we will
have not much choice but to moderate this list.

Thank you for your attention. If you have any comments please send it
to listmaster at AND DO NOT REPLY TO THE LIST


Om shivAbhyAnnamaH

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