Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Thu Sep 5 17:38:29 CDT 2002

> >IMHO, consciousness, unlike the antakaraNa-s, cannot leave any memory
> >imprints. So usually a person coming out of deep-sleep or coma-state,
> >hardly knows how long (not even roughly) he was in that 
> state. A person
> >could remain in coma-state for several weeks..
> It is only through consciousness that the antahkarana is 
> illumined. Without
> the Atman/Consciousness, antahkarana is nothing but prakriti. 
> Prakriti is
> jada (non-sentient). So consciousness has its prints all over 
> us all the
> time.

Dear Ashish,
  What I was trying to tell is, in the absence of antakaraNa, consciousness
alone cannot cause an imprint which is the case when in deep-sleep or in
coma. In dream-state, mind is active and so we have the memory of our
experience. But in deep-sleep there is nothing to illumine really. And so
no imprints can be left. Memory can't be independent of time. Since in
deep-sleep and coma one plunges into a timeless space, there is nothing
to imprint.


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