Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Thu Sep 5 16:01:54 CDT 2002

> Ashish wrote:
> The mind enters its own home - the Anahata chakra, and all one observes 
> is the absence of everything or knowledge of nothing. 

There is not even that "knowledge of nothing". It's actually total nescience.

> Upon waking, he/she observes that there was nothing there, he/she remembers 
> nothing. But we have to concede that consciousness was present even when the 
> person was in coma as otherwise,
> he/she will have no perception that time passed between the point of
> his/her entering coma and his/her coming out of it. It 
> (coming out of the
> coma) would seem like the next instant in his/her existence. However, the
> difference in time is perceived even though it may not be accurate.

IMHO, consciousness, unlike the antakaraNa-s, cannot leave any memory 
imprints. So usually a person coming out of deep-sleep or coma-state, 
hardly knows how long (not even roughly) he was in that state. A person
could remain in coma-state for several weeks.. But when he comes out of
it, in the end, he won't even think that he was out for an hour. It would 
really seem only like a wink. But this really doesn't refute the "existence 
of Brahman in all states" since Brahman is all-pervading all the time.


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