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Hari Om !!

--- yogafarm <yogafarm at WEBTV.NET> wrote:
> Namasté -- as a new member reading the commentaries,

> In short, wouldn't knowing when we are Brahman or
> Atman negate the
> Oneness state and thus be mutualy exclusive?

I understand the following from Swami Dayananda's
lectures on Atma Bodha.

Atman is always 'Nirvikalpa'. If 'Atman' were some
times Savikalapa then what changes can be brought into
'Atman' to make it 'Nirvikalpa' ??? The feelings of
Karta, karma, Karanam, Kriya is what is Vikalpa. These
do not exist in Atman any time. So, the duality is not
for 'Atman'. When the thought of duality is perceived,
the 'Atmic' state is not present.

> Further, Sathya Sai Baba has certainly demonstrated
> far more interesting
> metaphysical feats (which, to me, prove the
> unreality of maya) than
> merely doing the hypothetical 100/2 dash or "making
> ice from boiling
> water" ...

I just heard a statement today in Swami D's lecture
that even the Anima etc. Siddhis have a limit. Can
someone comment.

> 3.) In non-dualism, can there be gods, devis or
> devatas, temples and
> such?  To whom should God / Brahman pray?  Or if
> these are only seen as
> aspects of the mind / maya, one is left to ask: What
> mind?  What maya?

I believe, 'non-dual' is the substratum of this
apparent duality. So, if one were to be identified
with that non-dual, there can not be any thing apart
from it. Rather, there may be other things of the
creation, but I remain as the substratum.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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