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>But he does, and that is the point behind the
>Ramakrishna Mission. As to how exactly he does - only
>those who understand A, V and D completely can say...

But the scholars of A, V and D agree on the fact that their philosophies
are different, theoretically and experientially...I don't see how someone
can see the "same essence" in all three unless he/she has not completely
understood one or more of the three.

>> I personally think that such a question will remain
>> unanswered. Whether a
>> Brahmavid can or cannot do this, a real Brahmavid
>> will remain unconcerned
>> with this and will not answer this question or
>> undergo the experiment.
>Here you are assuming that a braHmavid has renounced
>all karma-s.

No, I'm assuming that the brahmavid has renounced all desires and is
totally detached, to the point of not bothering to prove to others the
level of His powers.

>Such braHmavids as adopting a life of karma after
>mukthi cannot be unconcerned about powers in the
>material world.

Just as a jnani sees no difference between karma and akarma, he will see no
difference between miraculous powers and lack of them. and since the "rest
state" in the normal world is that of no powers, he will remain unconcerned
about these powers.

>Of course the braHman exists here and 100m from here.
>But the braHmavid's physical body does not. It is that
>which needs to run. And if the braHmavid can make
>every atom in the world dance to his tune, he can make
>his body run 100m in 2s.

Leave aside the opinions of the list members about whether he can or cannot
do this. What is the best way (probably the only way) to resolve this
question? By asking a Brahmavid, of course. Now we come to the question of
whether he will help to resolve this. Why will He make His body run 100m in
2s? If you are going to say "because Kiran wants this", I will say that the
Brahmavid sees himself in Kiran also and He doesn't want this. In any case,
there is no world for the Brahmavid. Why should the Brahmavid seek to run
an imaginary race in an imaginary world because an imaginary character in
it asks him to? Your question is irresolvable (IMO) because of this,
whether somebody has a theoretical answer to this or not.

Sruti smRti purANAnAm Alayam karuNAlayam
namAmi bhagavatpAda Sam.karam lokaSam.karam


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> Also there are no Smarta Agamas.  On the level of public worship,
> there is
> no problem with following the Agamas of Shaivas, Shaktas,
> Vaishnavas,
> Ganapatyas, or Sauryas.  The Kanchi Matha has been active in
> preserving
> the Agamic traditions.

Does the nitya-aaradhanam at Shringeri, puri, dwaraka and badrinath
take place as per the resident aagams of either of the dieties?

I would think that the Shankaracharyas at these places follow the
kalpa sutram when it comes to worship. It would be great if you or a
learned member could post on Agama traditions in the advaita


Malolan Cadambi

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