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Namaste Kathi,

Thank you very much for the urls. I'll have a look at


--- K Kathirasan NCS <kkathir at NCS.COM.SG> wrote:
> Namaste Kiran
> I have been following most of your arguments and the
> thread. I grew up
> studying the works of Swami Vivekananda just like
> your good self. Since you
> mentioned that you are a newcomer to Advaita
> Vedanta, may I suggest that you
> visit this wonderful site which features the works
> of Swami Dayananda
> Saraswati (of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam) to understand
> hows/whats/whys of
> Vedanta. I am a newcomer to also and I have
> immensely benefitted from the
> articles in that website.
> To start with may I suggest that you read this page
> about the fundamental
> Human problem which is removed by Vedanta alone :
> After which you may choose to explore the entire
> info found in the home
> page:
> Thank you and I pray that you find the answers you
> are seeking. Best
> regards.
> Kathi

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