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Mon Sep 2 21:14:48 CDT 2002

> > >You abstain from answering the question "Does
> > braHman
> > >control worldly reality (Maya)?".
> >
> > Maya is unreality. The unreal by definition is
> > something that isn't - so how
> > can somebody control that which isn't?
> >
>How can Krishna say "sambhavAmi yugE yugE" if he
>cannot control Maya?

But you must interpret the above verse in the correct sense. Krishna as a
jnaani has broken the bonds of maya - the unreal which never is and is only
imagined, is discarded for the real that always is. So in a personal sense
he can say he controls maya. Even as he is a jnaani and a teacher of the
brahma vidhya in the Gita he also shows the way to others as to how to break
free from maya. In this sense also he can be said to control maya for the

The problem lies in interpreting maya as an entity in itself. Maya is merely
incorrect representation due to ignorance. What is, always is - what isn't,
never is.

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