Saints and their opinions

Swarna Venkateswara Swamy truthseeker123x at YAHOO.COM
Sun May 19 06:05:49 CDT 2002

Dear Shri Anand,

On one hand you describe the Saints as Brahmajnanis
and then question their knowledge of Sastras! They
have reached the position or goal, for which the
sastras are but the means. so they certainly are in a
position to guide. and the devotees who go them and
ask questions, in preference to mere scholars, are
certainly spiritually advanced.

Swamy SV

--- K Anand <carex at VSNL.COM> wrote:
> I have been watching keenly many discussions on this
> list. Especially controversial ones like this.
> I find that during the course of these discussions
> on Dharma, Smriti and shastras, some member comes up
> with a quote from some of the acclaimed
> Brahmajnaanis (Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Sai
> Baba, Samarth Ramdas etc.) regarding something they
> said on some controversial Dharmic injunctions like
> Food habits, Women, Vedic Animal sacrifices, Vedic
> Karmaanushtaanams which are somehow picked out
> (mostly out of context !!!) and projected as verdict
> on the issue.
> We have to understand that these jnaanis mostly
> donot have any formal spiritual education and are so
> bcos of their spiritual efforts in thier past lives.
> So they have no idea as to what is right and what is
> wrong. (I am not trying to underrate anybody, bcos I
> hold all these ppl very high) and our ppl go to them
> asking irrelevant questions and get some answers
> which they consider as superior to what is stated in
> the Shastras and if they are contradictory to the
> Shastras - the former is accepted as the right
> thing. This is indeed ridiculous.
> Just my opinion......comments welcome.
> Regards
> Anand K

in search of truth and with prayers to Govinda to help reach  that goal in this life itself, and with best wishes to you that your goals may be reached,

yours sincerely,

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