Saints and their opinions

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On Sun, 19 May 2002, Swarna Venkateswara Swamy wrote:

> Dear Shri Anand,
> On one hand you describe the Saints as Brahmajnanis
> and then question their knowledge of Sastras! They
> have reached the position or goal, for which the
> sastras are but the means. so they certainly are in a
> position to guide. and the devotees who go them and
> ask questions, in preference to mere scholars, are
> certainly spiritually advanced.

To make an analogy, Linus Pauling was a nobel laureate in Physics and he
had some ideas on vitamin C etc. which were totally crackpot.  Why should
expertise in one field make one an authority in another.  Shastras are
field of knowledge like any other.  There is nothing particularly mystical
needed to learn them.  Some have become jivanamuktas in this life as a
result of their deeds and learning in previous lives.  They may not
necessarily remember the details of it but still partake of the effects.

Also consider the "avadhuta" phenomenon.  Many who are jnanis deliberately
act in ways contrary to the norms of sociey as a form of sadhana.  That
doesn't necessarly mean they should be emulated.

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