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Somik Raha somik at YAHOO.COM
Sat May 18 07:43:08 CDT 2002

SrikKrishna Ghadiyaram wrote :
> I do not know much. But, can you quote from
> Bhagavatam, or Mahabharata or Bhagavad Gita, that
> Arjuna or Krishna ate meat ? So,  until you have
> authentic proof, do not conclude that because
> Kshatriya's eat meat, Lord Krishna should have eaten
> meat.

There is a specific proof. Yudhishthira conducted the Ashwamedha yajna - in
which Sri Krishna participated. As is the norm, the meat of the horse has to
be eaten after the sacrifice (this kind of sacrifice was also mentioned by
someone). The reference for this Ashwamedha yajna is in the Mahabharata.

> Even if it were true, you and I are no
> comparison for Bhagavan Sri Krishna. So, let us
> understand and practice what has been taught to us.

I agree with that. If your guru has asked you to abstain from meat- then
that is 100% correct-  "Gurur vakyam sada satyam" - there can be no debate
on that. It depends on the Guru and his rule for his followers.


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