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Somik Raha wrote:

> Jaldhar wrote :
> > Sure Japanese cuisine is mostly meat based, but they have rice and
> > noodles and things.  And what I don't understand is why you just can't
> > learn to cook? Or get together with other like-minded people?  Or pay
> > someone to cook you the right food?
> Well  -this is not the US where you have so many Indians that you can either
> order Indian food to your home or pay someone to cook. When you come back
> tired, late at 11 or 12 - and you dont mind non-veg and the only shops open
> offer you that - you dont have much choice.

In Japan getting pure vegetarian food outside your own home is real difficult.
I was in Japan (along with my wife) for one year, some years back. You have
two possibilities :
i.    If you have provision for simple cooking, then bread, milk, fruits,
vegetables and
    especially Tofu (a kind of curds made from milk of beans) can be used,
apart from
    rice and local wheat flour. Indian spices you will have to get from India.

ii.    Outside, most restaurants will understand "Shojin Dori" (the Buddist
        way) and serve you whatever vegetarian food they have.

I (and my wife) have lived in Japan for a year without taking even eggs.

May be this helps?

-- Himanshu

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