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Arunchandar Vasan arun at CS.UMD.EDU
Sat May 18 08:37:45 CDT 2002

> There is a specific proof. Yudhishthira conducted the Ashwamedha yajna - in
> which Sri Krishna participated. As is the norm, the meat of the horse has to
> be eaten after the sacrifice (this kind of sacrifice was also mentioned by
> someone). The reference for this Ashwamedha yajna is in the Mahabharata.


The former Shankaracharya of Kanchi Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi
talks about this "Brahmanas and others ate meat/beef during
sacrifices. Buddha saved the poor pasus" argument in Hindu
Dharma. According to the Jagadguru, whatever meat  was consumed was yagna
shishta, a morsel the size of a grain of gram, which had to be *swallowed*
without seasoning.  It is not clear to me that swallowing a morsel of meat
as yagna prasaadam by the hothas and the yajamaan is proof of "eating
meat" per se. The same applies for the soma brewed from the somalatha
during a soma yagna.


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