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Hello Jaladharji,

--- "ShrI Jaldhar H. Vyas" wrote:
> There is more to being sattvic than just seasoning.  What
> is being cooked
> is also very important.  The idea of vegetarianism is
> connected to the
> idea of karma.  the more conscious a being, the more it
> is capable of
> intentional actions.  So my absorbing a particular being
> you are also
> inheriting it's accumulated paapa and punya.  It works
> the other way for
> plants.  Because they are devoid of consciousness, they
> are incapble of
> progressing up the ladder of karma unless they hitch a
> ride in the stomach of a good person.
Isn't this more of the jaina reasoning? I am led to believe
that the hindu concept of vegetarianism is based on the
three guNa-s. Since, meat is rAjasic it should be avoided
by those who are committed to leading a sattvic life. Also,
excessively spicy food is also rAjasic but I find that even
brAhmaNa-s eat such food. Greasy food is tamasic, I
because it leads one to obesity, sloth and indolence. Is
there any verse that explicitly states that it is wrong to
eat meat because animals are "higher" beings but eating
plants is OK because plants are "lower"? Also, doesn't such
a hierarchy within life forms negate the equality of all
sentience that is put forth by advaita?

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