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>Greasy food is tamasic, I
> beleive,
> because it leads one to obesity, sloth and
> indolence.

What is called 'greasy' ? The quantum of oils/fats
used depends on each one's taste and habits. If your
theory is true, majority of Indians should be FAT than
an average American. In contrast, an average American
is twice the size/bulk of a FAT indian.

Whatever may be the food one eats, excess quantity of
food is always tamasik, in the sense it makes one
dull. In contrast, physical body needs some fats and
it may not be necessary to avoid ils totally. I
understand fats help build brain. These are the
theories forwarded my modern science only.

> there any verse that explicitly states that it is
> wrong to
> eat meat because animals are "higher" beings but
> eating
> plants is OK because plants are "lower"? Also,
> doesn't such
> a hierarchy within life forms negate the equality of
> all
> sentience that is put forth by advaita?

I see some small difficulty in Jaladhar's replies. He
probably used inadvertantly used the owrd
'consciouness'. It should have been, like this: 'the
plants do not have mind' (not the word consciousness).
The concept of HIMSA comes with MIND only.

Yes, consciousness is there in every Being, animate
and inanimate in different levels, (as Asti, Bhati,

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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