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Hello :
--- Somik Raha wrote:
> I agree with you. It is no wonder to me that New Delhi
> with so many
> vegetarians constitutes some of the primary reasons for
> heart institutes in
> the area. Vegetarian Indian food cooked the oily way is
> just as bad as non-veg food cooked that way.
I agree. But, ....

You are right about a couple of things.
1) Kshatriya-s and shUdra-s are allowed to eat meat.
   But, it is forbidden for brAhmaNa-s ( although some
   brAhmaNa-s such as kashmiris and bengalis do eat
   meat or fish ). Also, many vaishya-s and kAyastha-s
   are also vegetarian.
   From what I gather, Hinduism is more flexible and
   practical about meat-eating than Jainism. Some sections
   of hindus, who do hard labour ( such as shUdra-s ) or
   required to be strong ( such as kshatriya-s ) are
   to eat meat. But, those who do not have such
   such as vaishya-s and definitely brAhmaNa-s should
   from eating meat.  Incidentally, you may be born a
   kshatriya but you are currently performing a job that
   does not require hard labour. How do you justify your
   dietary preference? Convenience alone is not good enough
   a reason.

2) As you have mentioned above, mere vegetarianism alone
   does not a sattvic food make. You are right in saying
   that excessiviely oily or spicy food ( no matter veg. or
   non-veg. ) is not sattvic.

3) Ultimately, the choice rests with you.



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