liila and celebrating duality

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun May 12 14:18:17 CDT 2002

>>            gauDapAda kArikA 1-9
>This statement is not a sufficient proof to establish
>that 'there is no creation'. it only establishes that
>'the creation is neither act of lila nor enjoyment for
>Lord'. It does say that 'the act of creation is the
>nature of God'. So, 'Ceation exists' whatever be the
>cause ????

I have been keeping out of the Kashmir Saivism thread and
this one, for I think it is a never-ending debate. I merely
want to point out the mANDUkya statement that the turIya,
which is the advaita state, is prapancopaSama and SAnta.


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