liila and celebrating duality

Lalita Iyer lalita_iyer at YAHOO.COM
Sun May 12 21:41:53 CDT 2002

There is no debate on creation being real or not. It
is very clear that from the standpoint of reality
there is no creation or anything whatsoever everything
is appearace and from the standpoint of relative
creation is there.Lalita
--- Vidyasankar <vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >>            gauDapAda kArikA 1-9
> >>
> >
> >This statement is not a sufficient proof to
> establish
> >that 'there is no creation'. it only establishes
> that
> >'the creation is neither act of lila nor enjoyment
> for
> >Lord'. It does say that 'the act of creation is the
> >nature of God'. So, 'Ceation exists' whatever be
> the
> >cause ????
> I have been keeping out of the Kashmir Saivism
> thread and
> this one, for I think it is a never-ending debate. I
> merely
> want to point out the mANDUkya statement that the
> turIya,
> which is the advaita state, is prapancopaSama and
> SAnta.
> Vidyasankar

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