liila and celebrating duality

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Fri May 10 18:44:31 CDT 2002

--- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram <srikrishna_ghadiyaram at YAHOO.COM>
> This statement is not a sufficient proof to establish
> that 'there is no creation'.

Hello Srikrishna-ji,

  Your doubts have been covered already at the advaita
vedanta home page.
See -
The above mentioned page explains the three principal
theories of creation espoused by advaitins. ajAti vAda
( literally "no birth" or "no creation" ) is the final
and ultimate opinion of the learned scholars of advaita.
Shree Karthik had already indicated this in an earlier
mail. Also feel free to search the list archives. This
issue has been discussed before.

Warm Regards,


PS : IMHO, ajAti vAda is one of the principal differences
     between advaita and other schools of thought. AFAIK,
     no other school ( at least on the astika side )
     espouses a similar theory. What do the learned members
     think about the importance of this view?

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