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On Sun, 5 May 2002, Shrinivas Gadkari wrote:

> B: The concept of mukti is from the view point of the Jiva.

But this jiva you say is the creator.  Presumably then it has created
ignorance and bondage too.  So why does it need mukti?  Either it can get
it any time it chooses (and that choice is mearly one of nomenclature) or
it can never get it.

jiva as creator has as many problems as Brahman as creator.

> Sadhana is targetted to relieve the Jiva from suffering. The
> whole purpose of creation was fun. Lack of correct knowledge
> makes Jiva suffer, hence sadhana. Everything that I am saying
> are standard statements nothing new. Only stressing the fun
> part of the game.

"Fun" as we would understand it requires intent.  That's the sticking

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