Kashmiri Shaivism

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Mon May 6 01:52:29 CDT 2002

--- Shrinivas Gadkari <sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> 1. Kashmir Shaivism has 35/36 tattvas, what would be
> an
> authoritative text on this ?
> 2. In which original text is the following found:
> Sadashiva tattva: corresponds to "I am This"
> Ishvara tattva: corresponds to "This I am"
> Shuddha Vidya: equalizes "I" and "This"

Namaste Shrinivas,

I am sorry to have been absent for the last few days
but a violent lightning strike..I was in the bath at
the time and leapt out like a sprinter from the
blocks...took out my broadband modem.
I have had to resort to an old system until a
replacement arrives.

My first look at books at home gave a listing in
Jaideva Singh's introduction but I have yet to find
the relevant shlokas.  I will also look for the second
point today.
As this system can be expensive..I ma working from
home at the moment..... I may wait until the new modem
appears before searching some of the relevant

Sorry not to be of much use so far,

Ken Knight

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