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> >  Namaste to all
> > I wanted to correct the last paragraph.
> > In fact there are considered to be 4 types of Mukti or Moksha.
> >
> > Saayujyata
> > Samipata
> > Salokata
> > Saroopta.
> >
> > of these saayujyataa is considered of the greatest importance.
> >

I did not read the original mail -- hence apologies if I miss the
context. Of all the 4 mentioned above
a) if you talk with reference to a particular devataa (saguNa brahman),
then except saayujya others cannot be called mukti at all.

b) if you talk (if at all)  about this with regard to nirguNa brahman
-- then all 4 will become identical.

>From the absolute stand point, duality is a pain and it is misery. It
does not matter if you have similar form of the devataa (saaruupya) or
live in the same loka (saalokya) or if you are near the devataa
(saamiipya) -- as long as there is duality there is trouble. We see
this so often in puraaNa-s and in life. Anything that does not destroy
duality/avidya is NOT mukti/moxa -- it is like Musharraf promising to
end cross border terrorism :-))

In the context of nirguNa brahman, since it has no ruupa, it is all
pervading and non-dual, all the above 4 collapse to just one thing --
realizing the identity with brahman.

These 4 classes make more sense in the  context of bhakti than mukti.
The intensity of the union with the devata is shown  in gradation
through this.

There is a beautiful verse in shivaanandalahari which tells how one can
enjoy these 4 states while being in the world itself. It starts with
saaruupyam tava puujane ...

My 2c.

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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