Bhakti yoga

Stephanie Stean cerebral_rose at MAC.COM
Tue Jun 25 19:06:13 CDT 2002


> This is puzzling, and I am left in no better understanding of what you
> expect God to be than I was before.

I don't expect anything.  I see everything and I see nothing and never does
it occur to me to call it God or anything else.  I don't think in those
terms.  I don't think at all, I just see.  That is the best I can explain
it.  But that is me.

However, my question was regarding advaita philosophy and the translation of
Isvara and Brahman as God.

It seemed to me misleading (use of English word God) since again, God is a
personal deity or being.  Brahman is not (in itself) a personal deity.  It's
manifested form (Isvara or other gods) may be, but it is not.

I do understand the comment, however, that "Brahman is everything", and that
is why all Vedanta is theistic.  That does make sense.

I'm doing graduate work with Advaita Vedanta and I read so many different
interpretations, and I was interested in what all of you had to teach me as
well.  Everyone has been very helpful and I thank you very much!!

Take care,


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