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Wed Jan 23 05:42:06 CST 2002

Dear Ken ji,
My thousand and one apologies for having jumped from
topic to topic.I appreciate the thought line behind
your posts and fully agree with you.
Firstly, I have to answer two querries raised by you:

1. Re Gaudspada quote,for the time being I can state
that the verse I quoted comes in Chapter 3. As soon as
I get hold of my copy I shall give you the verse
number when I post my message next in this thread.

2. The 1st sloka Ch.4, as well as slokas 16 and 17
mentioned by you do not seem to be in my copy of the
Avadhut Gita.However, verse 21 mentioned by you as
concluding Ch. 4 in your copy actually appears as
concluding sloka 46 in Ch.3 in my book which reads as:

"Muncha muncha hi samsaaramtyaagam muncha hi
tyaagaat tyaagavisham shuddhamamrutam sahajam dhruvam"

Renounce,renounce the mundane existance and then
renounce completely even that renunciation. Give up as
poison the egoistic idea of shunning or accepting the
world. You are pure,simple,firm, and immortal.

The reference I have of the Avadhut Gita of Dattatreya
is translated by SwamiChetanananda,who in 1984, was
the head of the Vedanta Society of St.Louis,U.S.A.
This Avadhut Gita has 271 verses divided into 8
Could you kindly give me the sanskrit words in the
1st,16th and 17th slokas in the book you have.Maybe it
is an abridged version giving only the most relevent
of the verses sung by the Avadhuta?

Secondly,I wish to inform you that I am still trying
to analyse the Chitta part of our Internal Organ!The
more references I seek for the usage of this part of
our Sukshma Sharira I find that more and more of the
commentators including Chinmyanandaji have commented
on the Chitta equating it with Manas.

Why? Even Gaudapada(Sorry for bringing this Acharya
again into our discussion.I will most certainly give
you the verse numbers in my next posting )has stated
as follows leading me to believe that the Acharya does
not seem to differentiate between Chitta and Manas!

"Mano drishyamidam dwaitam yat kimcha charaacharam.
Manaso hyamaneebhaave dvaitam naivopalabhyate."

"Yada na leeyatae Chittam na cha vikshipyate punaha,
Aninganam anaabhaasam nishpannam Brahma tat tada."

Hari Om!


--- ken knight <hilken_98 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Namaste Swaminarayan,
 you have ignored my reply to
> your Avadhut Gita quotes and jumped in on this
> response of mine, taken it out of context, and now
> given me another shloka from the karika without the
> reference.

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