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Thak you very much for this explanation, is quite clear for me, and it help understand this very delicate point.
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  >Since Bhakti marga and Gyana marga are different 
  >routes to the same destination,an attempt to fuse 
  >these two with a view to find bhakti in advaita may 
  >become an undesirable and a futile exercise.Do you not 

  A distinction can be made between Bhakti and Bhakti maarga even as between jnaana and jnaana maarga.

  Jnaana means intuition of the Atman which effects liberation. Jnaana maarga is the path of intellectual analysis and self introspection which primarily involves self effort as a means to attain jnaana. But again according to Shankara himself whatever might be our efforts at jnaana maarga ultimately surrender or bhakti is inevitable. 

  Even according to the bhakti schools of Vedaanta it is only knowledge (jnaana) of one's own self which effects liberation. But instead of the jnaana maarga, they suggest the Bhakti maarga where surrender is made at a much earlier stage.

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